Chef's Late-Nite Bite: Schimoler of Crop




Anybody who has been to Crop Bistro in Ohio City knows that chef-owner Steve Schimoler is a hands-on guy, who works right alongside his crew until the bloody end. And when he's not commandeering the expo line at the restaurant, he's likely banging the skins for his band Cream of the Crop.

So it's no wonder that when the restaurant closes, Schimoler and his crew jump at the chance to chill out, throw back a few cold ones, and grab some late night grub.

"If it is before 1 a.m., then my go-to is the marinara sausage pizza at Bar Cento," says Schimoler.

Unfortunately, eating before 1 a.m. on weekends is often a pipe dream, with the chef and his crew lucky to just grab a last-call drink before the bars close. Those are the nights they head to Schimoler's favorite late night joint: Steve's Lunch.

Located 25 blocks west of Crop, Steve's Lunch is a time-worn 24-hour greasy spoon of legendary proportions. "It is a real show at Steve's at 3 a.m.," says the chef. "You see all walks of life."

Schimoler's standby at "the Lunch," as it's called, is always the same order. "Two chili dogs and I'm done. You kinda pay for it the next day, but it is worth it."

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