Video: Summer In Cleveland Looks Pretty Damn Good



Scenes from A Summer in Cleveland
  • Scenes from "A Summer in Cleveland"

"A Summer In Cleveland" was just uploaded by Dave Pelosi, a young local filmmaker, and it's pretty impressive.

"We are a group of young aspiring filmmakers out of Cleveland, Ohio," he wrote in the description. "We work on a variety of different things, and like to keep ourselves busy."

It was uploaded in the "Summer In" short film competition from Neumann Films. The rules: the video must be location based, must use music from, shot locations must be plotted on Google Maps, the video must have "Summer in" in the title, and it must be uploaded and submitted by tomorrow, August 28. Here's Pelosi's video:

The map of each shot location is here. Per the map, here's where things were filmed:

Wakeboarding in Lake Erie near Lawton Beach:


The large natural water slide in Bedford:


The West Side Market in Ohio City:


The sunset at Sims Park:


The abandoned building on Cedar near East 55th:


The view of downtown from Superior and East 23rd:



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