Ohio Ranked Among Top 10 States That Do the Most Driving




Californians are by far the most prolific drivers, but Ohioans ranked fourth in the nation for highway miles driven last year, according to new data by the Department of Transportation.

Buckeye state drivers covered more than 30 billion miles, contributing to the nation's 720 billion total highway miles.

While that number may seem like a stunner, it's by no means a record high. In fact, the Department of Transportation reported that driving per capita has plateaued in recent years, due in part to a shift away from cars by Millenials.

Here are the top ten states for miles driven:

*Note- per usual, Ohio beat Michigan.

California- 84.681 billion

Texas- 55.734 billion

Florida- 34.689 billion

Ohio- 31.389 billion

Illinois- 31.033 billion

Georgia- 28.467 billion

Virginia- 24.062 billion

Pennsylvania- 23.662 billion

North Carolina- 21.241 billion

Michigan- 20.707 billion

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