An Ohio Woman is Livid at a Funeral Home for Putting her Son's Ashes in a Walmart Bag




An Ohio woman is livid after a Kentucky funeral home used a plastic Walmart bag to hold her son's ashes.

Nancy Bronner of Amelia, OH recently opened up the urn containing her son's ashes and was shocked to find her teenager's remains nestled among an iconic plastic shopping bag, WCPO-TV reports.

Bob McDaniel of McDaniel Funeral Home in Dry Ridge, Ky., said the family requested that he divide the ashes, but that the containers they provided didn't seal and had no bags.

Instead, McDaniel used materials he had at his disposal- i.e. the Walmart bag.

The deceased boy's father, Thomas Mitchell, says that although McDaniel may have used poor judgement, his actions were not malicious.

Bronner, however, may be filing a complaint.

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