Chris Perez To Lecture Rocky River Students on the Dangers of Drugs, Per Sentence



In case you're wondering about the latest "Holy Shit, He's At It Again, Folks!" Chris Perez news, it's coming to you straight out of the Rocky River Municipal Court.

After entering a no contest plea for receiving a package of mary-juana at his Rocky River home earlier this year, the judge found him guilty.

"You made a big mistake. Kids look up to you," the judge said this morning. And there's certainly a point there, though it's not totally clear what sort of Tribe-devoted parents would encourage their children to loft Perez in the sky as a role model.

Anyway, the pitcher was ordered to speak to Rocky River High School students about proper bong etiquette the dangers of drugs. He'll also spend time on probation and cough up a $250 fine.

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