UPDATE: This is Jared Fox. He's the Victim of a Cleveland Hate Crime.



UPDATE: Cleveland police have arrested a juvenile suspect in the assault against Jared Fox (details below).

Originally posted Sept. 3:

Here's the video that Jared Fox posted on YouTube after he was brutally beaten on Saturday night outside Cocktails Lounge on Cleveland's west side. Fox, a gay man, describes the details of his assault and champions the role of education in keeping LGBT youth safe in schools.

"You can rest assured that I am not stopping until justice has been brought forth," Fox says. "And until schools are safe places, where kids grow up and learn that there are people who are different from them, people like me, and it doesn't mean that we deserve to get beaten, just because of who we love."

On his Facebook page, Fox says he wants to make his story a national issue. He wants folks to continue raising awareness of violence against LGBT youth.

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