Ariel Castro Found Dead in Cell



The long history of Ariel Castro came to a conclusion tonight when state prison officials found the monster hanging in his cell.

With one last act of cowardice, Castro avoided the lifetime of rotting in his own personal hell granted to him by Judge Michael Russo earlier this summer.

He was pronounced dead at 10:52 p.m. after being transported from Pickaway Correctional Institution to the Ohio State University Medical Center. An investigation into the death will take place. Rounds were required every 30 minutes to keep tabs on his actions in the cell.

Ohio's independent Legislative Service Commission determined that for fiscal year 2012, the average cost to incarcerate an inmate in a state prison was $24,870. So there's that.

Without remorse, one can only hope that something brutish and terrible exists on the other side of Castro's shameful limp off this mortal plane.

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