Juveniles Hurl Rocks, Anti-Gay Slurs at Cocktails Patrons


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Less than one week after the assault on Jared Fox at Cocktails lounge on Cleveland's west side, police have arrested a 13-year-old in connection to an alleged hate crime at the same location this weekend.

According to Corey Shaffer at the NEOMG, juveniles were hurling rocks at customers while shouting anti-gay slurs Friday evening. (Cocktails is attended by members of the LGBT community). Customers evidently chased the youngsters away, but they returned with backyard weaponry — sticks and a broom? — to reengage.

The suspect was apprehended later in the evening around Detroit and W. 87th and was identified by Cocktails' customers and personnel. Police won't say whether or not the two incidents are directly related, but a pattern should certainly be emerging.


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