Santana's Controversial Home Run, Lord of the Flies




Carlos Santana — not Mark Reynolds — is now the Cleveland Indians' leader in home runs (18) after a dinger off the right-field foul pole last night. The homer was initially ruled a foul ball but overturned after replay footage clearly showed the ball ricocheting off the pole into the seats. (Here's the video from

And thank goodness. Santana's solo homer lifted the Tribe to a 4-1 lead and became the difference-maker when Kansas City's Alex Gordon blasted a two-run shot in the eighth. Shortly thereafter, Chris Perez saved the game — in the strictest statistical terms — in trademark tumultuous fashion.

In the video above, do check out roughly 1:08 - 1:13. KC first baseman Eric Hosmer gets acquainted with Progressive Field's infamous bugs. (And check out the linked article only if you intend to fall in love with Fausto Carmona and Ryan Garko all over again).

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