Disturbing Missed Connection Hits Cleveland Craigslist: UPDATE



For everyone eager for the rest of the dumpster sex story, it's hit a bit of a dead-end. The Craigslist post has been deleted and, oddly, some shmuck in the comments section is claiming the whole thing was a goof. Hilarious stuff.

Anyway, we'll let the tale of junkie love rest at that. It's been a fun ride, and I think we all learned a lesson: Always get tested after you bang anonymous addicts behind dumpsters.

Original post:

"We had sex behind a dumpster after NA."

When a story begins like that, there's almost never a happy ending on the other side. But such is the story of a recent missed connection found among Cleveland's Craigslist pages. (Author note: "NA" = Narcotics Anonymous)

Oh, yeah, and it ends like this: "You may want to get yourself tested."

But in between the jarring intro and outro to this composition lies the story of a lost soul. He (presumably a man, judging by the post title) writes that he hasn't returned to NA since the dumpster incident. In a few words, he paints a picture of desperate needs and of a cry for help. Running among the self-loathing in the post is, at the very least, an altruistic attempt to help the woman he encountered.

"I went for an HIV test yesterday and it came back positive," the author writes. "Who fucking cares about me but I have no way of getting a hold of you."

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