$2 Million Worth of Cocaine Was Just Confiscated by Authorities During a Traffic Stop in Northwest Ohio



Last week we wrote about the largest heroin bust in northeast Ohio history, and about a massive heroin shipment that was intercepted by the feds at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on the very same day.

This week, it seems, we have another large drug operative on our hands.

Reports have come in that $2 million worth of cocaine was just confiscated by Perrysville County police during a routine traffic stop after a tractor-trailer bearing California plates was pulled over for a lane violation.

A search of the cab with drug sniffing dogs yielded a whopping 42 pounds of cocaine, as well as two pounds of black tar heroin, WKYC reports.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Bobby D. Robinson II, 24, of Carson, Calif. and his passenger, Christopher Bustamente, 31, of Montebello, Calif. The men were charged with possession and trafficking of both drugs.

They could face up to 41 years in prison if convicted.

More to come as the story unfolds.

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