Dish of the Day: The Vegan @ Flying Fig




We've all devoured that midday meal that sent us straight into a food coma, barely able to muster the strength to send a single email all afternoon long. There's a way around that: The Vegan ($10) at Flying Fig (2523 Market Ave., 216-241-4243,

Long before it was de rigueur to be a locavore, chef Karen Small was putting into practice the principles of farm-to-table cuisine. And much of that cuisine was vegetarian and vegan.

The Vegan sandwich starts with a crusty ciabatta roll from Blackbird Baking Company. It's glazed with house-made hummus and speckled with a perky olive and caper salad. The "meat" of this sandwich consists of grilled eggplant, roasted red peppers, pickled red onions, pickled fennel and arugula. The fresh cut potato chips are fried in vegetable oil.

Eat, enjoy, and get back to work.

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