Flux Pavilion brings freeway tour to house of blues




Flux Pavilion’s latest EP, Blow the Roof Off, starts with a funky bass riff before giving way to more stereotypical dubstep beats that squeak and sputter on the lurching album opener "OneTwoThree — Make Your Body Wanna." But Flux Pavilion doesn’t necessarily think his music adheres to dubstep conventions.

“I feel like I spiritually moved away from [dubstep] the second it started,” he says. “I still do write dubstep now and you can call it that because of the tempo. It’s really cool music but as soon as a genre becomes popular, you get typecast. I don’t want to get away from the music, which is great. But I have no interest in people thinking they know what I’m going to write before I write it. What’s the point? If everyone is imagining the music I’m going to write, then there’s no point in writing it. If they can sit there and think they will know what my record will sound like — and that will probably be better than what I will write — then I’d rather start with a clean slate so that no one will know what I will come up with and hopefully it will be good.”

Flux Pavilion has recently started experimenting with analog gear so expect to hear a mish-mash of different styles of electronic music when he plays House of Blues tonight at 9 as part of his extensive “Freeway Tour.” And since he's at work on a new album, expect to her some unreleased tracks as well.

“I just bought myself a rack and I have two units and a couple of old synths. I want to get more analog sounds in the music,” he says. “There’s a new EP coming out in a few months and I’m free from deadlines essentially so I’m starting again and I bought new gear. I’m going to write my music on that and see how it comes out. I just worked on a couple of track with a four-piece band from New York. I just had them in and while I was working on the computer one of the guys plugged his Gameboy and played a synth riff from that. It’s an interesting way of working.”

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