4,600 Clevelanders Were Caught Speeding this Week with the City's New Portable Camera Units




The City of Cleveland rolled out another initiative this week to catch speedy drivers- Portable Camera Units.

Cleveland.com reports that in the one week since the cameras have hit city streets, more than 4,600 vehicles have been flagged for speeding.


The good news is that not all photographed cars will be ticketed.

Apparently, there's a lengthy review process that each image undergoes prior to a ticket issue, which usually weeds out some of the lesser offenders.

Nevertheless, drivers who were traveling 11 mph over the speed limit (or above) may see fines starting at $100.

Currently, the city has units at 2416 E. 55th St., 2300 St. Clair Ave., 4123 Pearl Rd., 3219 Detroit Ave. and 4050 Superior Ave.

Just this morning we wrote about the 20 things that Clevelanders love to hate about Cleveland.

Perhaps these Portable Camera Units make number 21.

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