Topher Jones to play Liquid tonight with Tritonal



Chicago-based DJ and producer Topher Jones has been on the road since early-July with the popular progressive trance/electro house duo Tritonal; the two act have nearly completed a 40-city tour. While that might sound grueling, Jones says the tour, which comes to Liquid tonight, has been great fun.
“It’s been incredible,” he says. “We’ve been playing over North America. [Tritonal] are some of my best friends. It’s been truly, truly amazing. We have an absolute blast on the road. We’ve been playing lots of new markets and new venues.”

Known for trance-influenced tunes such as the college party anthem “Brohammer” and “Hello Chicago,” which can be heard at Chicago Bulls games, Jones started DJing when he was only 14.

“I was really into hip-hop and that’s what got me into DJing,” says Jones, who grew up in Indianapolis but now lives in Chicago. “About a year later, I found out about dance music and then fell in love with it.”

He eventually moved from Indianapolis to England where he spent a year working in a studio.

“It was the most creative period in my life,” he says. “I look back on it and I can’t believe I was as productive as I was.”

Jones has just issued a trancey remix of the Paramore tune "Still Into You" and the new vocal single “Talk About It” featuring Katie Sky comes out next week. After the Tritonal tour is over, he’ll join Grammy-nominated producer Morgan Page on a tour featuring 3-D visuals. His full-length debut arrives early next year. He’s also giving away a remix EP on his Facebook page. It includes club-ready remixes of Skrillex, Rihanna and Fun.

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