Cleveland Melts 352 Guns at ArcelorMittal



  • Carmen Angelo, WTAM 1100

Whether or not the act of melting firearms that citizens have voluntarily surrendered will produce any effect on violence in Northeast Ohio remains to be seen. But ArcelorMittal, in partnership with Mayor Frank Jackson and the city, today melted 352 guns obtained in the 2013 City of Cleveland Gun Buy-Back.

In June, folks were given the opportunity to trade in their weapons for gift cards and Cavs' tickets and entry in a raffle.

“This gun melt will take guns surrendered by their owners, recycle them into steel and prevent them from ever being used in an act of violence,” said Mayor Frank Jackson in ceremonial remarks.

That's certainly true, but the melting seems much more symbolic gesture — Jackson taking a stand against gun violence — than practical remedy.

Nonetheless, the "swords-into-ploughshares" idea is duly appreciated, especially with the never-ending spate of shootings nationwide.

Via a city press release on June 15, 352 guns were collected on that day (311 handguns and 41 "long guns"), so every last weapon was destroyed.

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