Northeast Ohio's Lesser Known - But Still Beloved! - Home-Grown Inventions

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Cleveland: Home of Superman, one of our favorite inventions.
  • Cleveland: Home of Superman, one of our favorite inventions.
Northeast Ohio has always been a hotbed of innovation. Still is, really. Today's Cleveland-area badasses are churning out unique products and services via our plethora of startups and tech companies.

Hell, Akron is known in some circles at the City of Invention. And not without reason, of course.

The fine people of Northeast Ohio have invented lots of really cool and very necessary things that we still use and enjoy today. Take premade burger patties, for example. Our own Sam Stein cooked up that genius idea, which is still used in restaurants and grocery stores around the world. PREMADE BURGER PATTIES - ORIGINALLY FROM CLEVELAND!

Here are nine more awesome inventions from Northeast Ohio. Drop your own suggestions for future Cleveland inventions in the comments section below. Hey, there may even be some spritely young Clevelander putting the final touches on a life-changing product somewhere in town right now.


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