A Northeast Ohio Man Is Hoarding Over 150 Snakes In His Home




When Youngstown, OH authorities stopped by the home of 46-year-old Joseph McCollum to check on him after he'd been bitten by a rattlesnake and had forgone proper treatment, they were shocked at what they found: over 150 snakes- including deadly rattlers and cobras- were being hoarded in the basement of this northeast Ohio home.

"The basement is filled with tub after tub of snakes," David Nelson, an Animal Control officer, told The Vindicator newspaper. "I've never seen them in this type of mass quantities."

WFMJ reported that McCollum is an operator of The Boa Store, which sells Boa constrictors online.

Sounds like McCollum is suffering from the classic problem of bringing his work home, huh?

The man could face charges including child endangering because a 12-year-old child lives at the residence.

A wildlife rescue organization is working with authorities on what to do with the snakes.

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