Cleveland Browns Have Had Way More QBs Than St. Ignatius




At a certain point, the dead horse has been beaten to such pulverized smithereens that it no longer resembles a horse. But ESPN has found a new and particularly depressing way to contextualize the Cleveland Browns' QB carousel:

...A high school team in 14 seasons will have had one half the starting quarterbacks the Browns will have had in 14 1/2.

They're talking about St. Ignatius (but rest assured that the stats would be roughly the same for any competitive high school football program). The piece addresses the obvious and really depressing issue that colleges and high schools should theoretically start more quarterbacks than professional teams because of the turnover rate inherent in graduation.

But no. Ignatius has started 13 QBs since 1999 (though local Ignatius sports guru Tim Hudak told ESPN that three of them have come in this season alone). During the same stretch, the Browns have started 20. That's the most in the NFL by a significant margin.

Jason Campbell will start for the ailing Browns against Kansas City this Sunday. After Brandon Weeden and Brian Hoyer, he's now the third starting QB for the Browns this season.

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