Just Another OU Weekend: 100 Arrested at Ohio University Halloween Block Party


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The annual Ohio University Halloween block party- famous for its over-the-top costumes and wild quantities of adult beverages- helped to fill the streets and the jail cells of Athens, OH this weekend.

Athens police reported 45 arrests, many of them alcohol-related- though at least one was for assault on a police officer's horse- on Saturday evening and early Sunday morning. The Ohio Investigative Unit, which enforces alcohol laws, cited or arrested another 55 people for offenses like underage drinking, bringing the total number of arrestees to a round 100.

Surprisingly, that number is substantially lower than last year's total count which was 154.

This is the second time this month that OU's made headlines for less-than-stellar reasons.

In mid-October, OU came under fire after both students and alumni live tweeted a sexual assault during homecoming weekend.


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