Sandusky Couple Names Daughter "Scarlet Gray" in Honor of OSU Buckeyes


Scarlet Gray is pictured with her older sister Violet. - PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SANDUSKY REGISTER
  • Photo Courtesy of the Sandusky Register
  • Scarlet Gray is pictured with her older sister Violet.
A Sandusky couple has taken fandom to a whole new level.

Justin and Kim King have named their daughter "Scarlet Gray" on purpose. Justin has been an Ohio State Buckeyes fan "since [he] was real young," according to the Sandusky Register. The parents decided to make sure that their 3-month old daughter followed suit.

Scarlet "doesn’t really have a choice” in the matter of her sports team allegiance, said Justin. “She’ll always be a Buckeye fan.”

While this is unlikely to be an issue, naming an actual human after a sports team's colors is a bit extreme.

The Kings claim to have legitimate reasons behind their choice of name. Scarlet's older sister's name is Violet, although the parents' affinity for colors is apparently a coincidence.

"Ray" is a King family name, and had Scarlet been a boy she would have carried on the tradition and had it as a middle name.  Adapting "Ray" into "Gray" allowed the Kings to "create a unique name for a Buckeye fan" (which would be them) and it also "seemed logical."  

While the logic is lost on some of us, Scarlet doesn't seem to mind.

She sits near the television when the Buckeyes play, and doesn't complain about being dressed in her namesake colors.

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