The Mansfield Reformatory is Hosting Special Halloween Tours this Weekend



The Mansfield Reformatory- one of the oldest and most notorious prisons in the state of Ohio- is opening its doors this weekend for uber scary "Haunted House" style tours.

On Friday, Nov. 1 and Saturday, Nov. 2 Ohioans looking for a good scare can venture in to the depths of the prison, led by a guide, and experience a reformatory scare fest, complete with actors, animatronics, and props.

While many of the night's thrills may be planned, guests should also keep their eyes peeled for real ghost sighting, as the prison is said to be one of the truly haunted places here in Northeast Ohio.

It's no surprise, really, since the prison had a reputation for abuse, torture, and even murder during its heyday.

To whet your whistle for this weekend, here are some awesomely eerie photos of the Mansfield Reformatory.

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