Judge Marilyn Cassidy's Car Was Allegedly at the Scene of an Incident Involving a Yard Sign for Her Opponent



Happy election day, Clevelanders.

And what would an election day be in Cuyahoga County without a little fun and scandal?

Cuyahoga County Judge Marilyn Cassidy squares off against challenger Anthony Jordan today in the election. According to an incident report from the Cleveland police, a man named Christopher Leo says that he received a campaign sign from Jordan to place in his yard.

On Oct. 31, he claims a BMW drove up with two woman inside. A black woman exited the vehicle, walked into his yard, yanked out the Jordan sign, tore it up, and threw it in the street. The license plate identified by Leo belongs to Marilyn Cassidy.

Hoo-boy, or something like that.

Cleveland police say they stopped by Cassidy's residence to ask about the incident, but no one was home.

A call to Cassidy's office yesterday was not returned. She was probably out driving, we're guessing.

A screengrab of the incident report below.


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