10 Vintage Photos from the White Hurricane of 1913



Last week marked the 100th anniversary of the terrifying "White Hurricane" of 1913, the blizzard-like storm that brought life in Cuyahoga Country to a dead standstill for two cold and miserable days.

How appropriate that this week, Clevelanders are huddling around their TVs and smartphones in the midst of yet another winter storm watch, tracking the latest front of snow slated to whomp northeast Ohio.

In between obsessively checking Channel 3 Weather's Twitter feed and running out to buy a windshield scraper today, we found these really cool vintage photos of the White Hurricane storm on the Cleveland Memory Project's website.

So while you're bemoaning the onset of traffic delays and your decision to wear fashionable, not practical winter footwear, take a moment to be grateful — at least you don't have to push your horse-drawn carriage out of the snow like these folks did.


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