French Ministry Removes Cleveland Suburbs from Travel Advisory List




The French Ministry ruffled a few feathers this week when it named three Cleveland suburbs on its national travel advisory list: Cleveland Heights, Lakewood, and Euclid.

A lot has unfolded since then: suburbanites became pretty pissed off, Power of 5 Chief Meteorologist Mark Johnson started bashing all things French, and officials in the three cities first demanded apologies, and then invited French higher-ups to personally come visit.

Today, word has it, the French Ministry has rescinded its travel advisory. The updated advisory on its website now states:

Cleveland: le centre-ville ne présente pas de danger le jour mais est déconseillé la nuit. Certains quartiers des banlieues Nord-est sont également à éviter.

Which roughly translates to...

Cleveland: The city is not dangerous during the day but at night it is not recommended. Some suburban neighborhoods in the Northeast are also to be avoided.

Euclid Mayor Bill Cervenik told the PD on Friday that he was glad the ministry removed the three suburbs from the list. He said he's still planning to invite French officials to visit the three cities.

There you have it: order has officially been restored. We can all go back to eating our french fries guilt free.

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