Rough game, rougher landing for Cleveland Browns yesterday




The trip back home for the Browns narrowly avoided becoming a tragic metaphor for their disastrous second half against the Bengals when the team's plane nearly crashed as it was touching down in Cleveland in the midst of the storms that swept through the midwest yesterday.

ESPN Cleveland reporter Pat McManamon writes the team hurried out of Cincinnati to beat the incoming storm after the 41-20 loss. They would lose that battle as well; the storm was there: "the plane landed as a storm was hitting Cleveland, and the left wing dipped noticeably after the back wheels hit the ground."

McManamon got some great quotes, including this gem from Jordan Cameron: "I didn't think it was that bad. But some of the guys ended up calling their mom." Dan Murphy, the team's communications coordinator, told the reporter the landing "was the roughest of his life" but it wasn't that bad. He then quotes defensive lineman Billy Winn: "If anyone told you it wasn't that bad, they were lying to you."

Give it a read.

And for people interested in more cleverly written crash-related metaphor jokes, here's this classic from The Onion

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