Clevelanders are Dumping Gallons of Human Urine into Lake Erie



Cleveland's Fox 8 News published a rather frightening video report yesterday detailing the poor bathroom etiquette that goes down on game days at the Muni lot.

The video opens with footage of Clevelanders slinging back beers and getting amped for kickoff, then proceeds to illustrate the cause and effect scenarios of guzzling large quantities of liquid with limited access to facilities.

If you've ever been to the Muni Lot, you know that Clevelanders can get pretty creative when they gotta go, and many fans routinely bring their own popup porta-potties (AKA a five-gallon bucket protected by a tent).

The problem isn't so much the going in a portable popup, but rather what fans are choosing to do with the buckets o' urine once they've reached cap.

Any guesses?

The ol' dump and ditch seems to be a fan favorite. That's right, Clevelanders are opting to dump gallons upon gallons of human urine into the ground and into storm sewers, many of which funnel directly into Lake Erie.

As the Fox 8 report so poignantly states, that's "where we swim, and play, and lounge in the sand[!]"


Watch the full report from Fox 8, and perhaps you'll think twice about dumping and ditching this upcoming Sunday.

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