A Six-Year-Old's Bounce Castle Birthday Party Ends in a Full on Brawl in North Royalton


There must be something about bounce house birthday parties that just really rub folks the wrong way.

At least that's what seems to have happened at a six-year-old's birthday party at North Royalton's The Jump Yard on Saturday night.

According to a report by WKYC, Jump Yard security footage shows 20-some people gathered in a party room about to have cake.

But when one couple steps out of the party to find their tires slashed, things take a turn for the worse.

"They found their car damaged out in the parking lot, they came back to question the group in the party room as to what happened to their car," detective David Loeding of the North Royalton Police Department told WKYC.

Yet, questions weren't the only things raised- tempers and fists began flying, too.

The captured footage gets pretty intense around 0:38, when a man carrying a small child charges right into the fight, then around 1:04 you can see a woman being dragged to the ground and getting punched and kicked.

After the fight finally broke up, police arrested two, Marlow Knowles and Carolyn Standberry, for assault.

Here's the full report from Channel 3:


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