Massive Hofbrauhaus Project in PlayhouseSquare Officially Underway




Today, ground officially was broken on the ambitious Hofbrauhaus Cleveland project. The massive 24,000-square-foot complex will incorporate the former Hermit Club building on Dodge Court off Chester plus a newly constructed beer hall, kitchen and brewery adjacent to the existing building. The total cost of the project is estimated around $8.4 million and it is aiming for a late-2014 opening.

The Hofbrauhaus Brewpub is licensed by HofbrÀuhaus of America and is affiliated with the original in Munich, Germany. The Hofbrauhaus has franchises in Newport, KY; Pittsburgh, PA; Chicago, IL and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Hofbrauhaus Cleveland will feature the usual lineup of Bavarian culinary dishes as well as the world famous Hofbrau beer, which will be brewed on premises using the original recipes and manufacturing processes.

The complex will be divided into various seating areas, each having a specific function. There's the 2,000-square-foot brewery, 5,000-square-foot, 450-seat main beer hall, smaller 2,000-square-foot dining area in the former Hermit Club lounge, 2,500-square-foot main kitchen area, and the 5,000-square-foot beer garden that will seat 1,000 people.

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