Meet the Brewnut, Cleveland's Only Craft Beer-Based Donut


If you're a native Clevelander, you probably get excited about three things: beer, donuts, and the rare Cleveland Browns win.

But what if you could have all of these things at once?

With Brewnuts, Cleveland's newest culinary startup, now you can (minus the Browns win, of course- c'mon, no one's a miracle worker, folks).

Founded just a couple of months ago, Brewnuts is the lovechild of two West-siders, Shelley Fasulko and John Pippin, who've combined their passions for craft brews and donuts into a one-of-a-kind treat: a beer-based donut.

Baked fresh and to-order from their home kitchen in the Warehouse district and out of the Cleveland Culinary Launch Kitchen, Fasulko and Pippin use local ingredients to offer a seasonal menu that highlights the brews currently flowing in and around the city.

Much like the breweries they feature, Brewnuts, too, has approximately six distinct flavors "on tap" at any one time, such as a Pumpkin Ale Donut with White Chocolate Cardamom Glaze, a Maple Bacon Bourbon Ale Donut, or a Hard Cider Apple Donut, Fasulko told Scene.

Of the six current varieties, usually four are made with local beers— it's not uncommon to see Great Lakes and Elevator Brewing Co. or Fatheads and Buckeye Brewing Co. — on their menu. "The remaining two flavors are special 'visiting' beers that we're just jonesing to bake with," Fasulko said.

The pair eventually hopes to open up a formal shop of their own, but for the time being they take orders via phone, email, Facebook, and probably pigeon, and have occasionally been spotted serving up Brewnuts at local events— word has it they are regularly spotted at the Cleveland Flea. Folks looking to do some sampling, can also find a Brewnut flight on the menu at Tremont Taphouse.

While their business is still in the early stages of development, it's not hard to imagine a phenomenon like Brewnuts quickly developing a cult-like following, especially in a city that prides itself as northeast Ohio's food and beer mecca.

So look out for Brewnuts this holiday season, and beyond. This small startup bakeshop may just take Cleveland by storm.

Brewnuts creators John Pippin and Shelley Fasulko.
  • Brewnuts creators John Pippin and Shelley Fasulko.

The Maple Bacon Bourbon Ale Donut
  • The Maple Bacon Bourbon Ale Donut

Makin' Brewnuts
  • Makin' Brewnuts

  • "Research"

  • Brewnuts!

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