12 Cleveland Firefighters Facing Disciplinary Action After an August Prank


Twelve Cleveland firefighters are facing disciplinary consequences following a prank they pulled in August at a party for new cadets. 

During the festivities, photos of former Fire Chief Daryl McGinnis were placed in urinals in two bars in Kamm's Corners. According to Cleveland.com, Captain Roy Ziganti Jr. couldn't resist sharing the hilarity. He took a photo of McGinnis' photo in a urinal, then sent that photo to a friend of a new cadet, who later sent it to McGinnis and Lt. William Lipke. 

While the prank may have made some of the firefighters laugh hard enough to wet their pants, their superiors weren't privy to the joke. 

According to Cleveland.com, letters were sent to each of the twelve firefighters. The letter sent to Ziganti charges him with violating rules of conduct, including neglect of duty, conduct unbecoming of an employee in the public service and offensive conduct or language toward fellow employees.  
Administrative charges have been filed against captains John Whalen, Roy Ziganti, Patrick Corrigan and Louis Hahn, lieutenants William Lipke and Bruce Ryan, and firefighters Mark Edwards, Louis Ruggiero, Robert DiSanto, Brian Webb, Daniel Sunyak and James Papcke.

All twelve of the firefighters could be fired if disciplinary hearings with Interim Chief Patrick Kelley and Safety Director Martin Flask confirm the charges detailed in the letters. 

Next time, what happens in the bathroom should stay in the bathroom.

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