Cleveland Contractor Discovers a Jack the Ripper Signature in Scranton Road Home




Here's an eerie tale for your holiday week.

During a recent renovation project, a Cleveland-based contractor discovered what might be an original signature by notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper.

According to a report by NewsNet 5, Ken Maynard and his construction crew had stripped 9 layers of wall paper from a Scranton Rd. dining room before finding a penciled signature etched onto the wall's original plaster.

"The circa is right. The timeline is right. I have a date on the wall over there that says March 16, 89. I believe 89 would mean 1889 and some of Jack's letters were written in 1888," Maynard told News Net 5.

When the crew and family living in the home compared the discovered signature to that of some online, they said the similarities were striking.

The family is now looking toward the Cleveland Historical Society for more answers.

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