Come Home, LeBron Billboard Spotted Outside St. Vincent-St. Mary



The relationship between Cleveland and LeBron is complicated at best, but that hasn't stopped some fans from rallying to convince LBJ to return home next year when his contact with Miami expires.

Headed by local fan Josh Raggi, a Come Home, LeBron campaign is sweeping through Cleveland via social media, and now via billboards.

This guy was recently spotted outside St. Vincent-St. Mary high school, LeBron's alma mater, and two more billboards are expected to go up pronto.


"Our main focus is to let LeBron know we’re going to accept him coming back. We’re not the group of haters," Raggi said in a recent interview with Slam. His hope is to let LBJ know that mentalities in Cleveland have shifted.

But have they?

LeBron's departure cut some Clevelanders deep, and not everyone is ready to forgive. Where do you stand? Would you like to see LeBron clad in wine and gold once again?

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