Wild Turkey Ambles by Streetsboro Storefronts Dangerously Close to Thanksgiving



A lone gobbler was spotted meandering through a northeast Ohio town earlier this month, strutting his stuff, with little to no care that he and his brothers would soon find themselves plucked, brined, and browned on dinner tables across the region.

Streetsboro Police Lt. Troy Beaver responded to the sighting, near the city's Walgreens on Nov. 15, and tried to shoo the bird back into nearby woods.

Turkey Tom, however, seemed to have his own set of plans.

"...[T]he turkey didn't want to leave," Beaver told the local daily. "After chasing it around my car three times, I realized the situation had become ridiculous to the point of comedy. I figured with it being so close to Thanksgiving, our Facebook followers would get a kick out of the situation so I snapped a couple of pictures. It just became more funny as the bird made its way to Mr. Hero and National Armory."

Beaver posted the photos to the Streetsboro Police Department's Facebook page, adding his own witty commentary about the bird seeking anxiety meds, a sandwich, and arms with which to protect himself in anticipation of the upcoming holday.

After making one last stop at the nearby Taco Bell, Beaver said the bird finally took off into the woods.

Here are some of the photos Beaver posted online:




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