Accused Eastlake Shoplifter Makes Getaway, Falls on His Face, Is Caught By Police



Kevin Gary, shoplifting genius.
  • Kevin Gary, shoplifting genius.

An accused Eastlake shoplifter flunked Thievery 101 yesterday after failing to recognize how inclement weather conditions could affect his getaway.

34-year-old Kevin Gary of Willoughby Hills allegedly swiped a few choice items from an Eastlake Walmart and had already been apprehended by police, when he decided to make a break for it.

Handcuffed and filled with rage that he hadn't managed to successfully steal a pair of headphones and some notebooks, totaling $97.76, Gary made a brief but mighty breakaway before slipping on a patch of ice in the store parking lot and falling on his face.

The whole thing— the breakaway, the gulps of sweet freedom, and the inelegant wipe out— was over in a matter of seconds. Gary was re-apprehended and booked by local police.

Yet this was hardly the first bizarre and blatantly stupid happening to transpire at Eastlake's Walmart recently. Earlier this week, a Painesville man was cited after driving a motorized Walmart shopping cart while intoxicated at the very same store.

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