Oberlin College Student Wins $1000 on "Jeopardy!"



  • Photo via Sam Bernhard, the Lorain Morning Journal

An Oberlin College student took home $1000 earlier this week after appearing on the hit game show Jeopardy!

19-year-old Sam Bernhard was the youngest of the three contestants on Wednesday night's show, where he competed against an attorney from Washington, D.C. and a retired police officer from New York.

Bernhard told the Lorain Morning Journal the experience was like living out a childhood dream.

“It was surreal,” he said. “I’ve watched 'Jeopardy!' for a lot of my life, dating back to when I was a little kid with my grandparents.”

Despite coming in third place, Bernhard still walked away with heavier pockets, and enough to pay for a few textbooks and some meals away from the dining hall.

He joins the ranks of 7 other Oberlin alums who have competed on the show over the years.

Congrats, Sam!

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