Ashtabula Farm Hand Dies in the Worst Way Imaginable




Via the Star Beacon, a farm hand in Ashtabula County who died over the weekend in a gruesome accident is reported to have drowned in a manure storage lagoon, pinned down by an overturned tractor.

Is there anything more to say? This poor guy, the 41-year-old Santos Medina de Jesus, had worked at the farm for five months and evidently was in charge of moving manure from the barn to the storage lagoon. It's unclear whether he lost control of the tractor or what, but authorities said it broke through a chain barrier and tipped into the pond.

Jesus was submerged for thirty minutes, trapped at the bottom of the four-foot-deep pond, before another worker noticed the tractor.

The Star-Beacon says that a report will be shared with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

This may be the first and last time in Scene's history that we'll append a story with the tag "Ohio Manure Deaths."

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