The Ohio State University Marching Band Uses iPads to Pull Off its Performances




You've been watching them for years, but this season the Ohio State University marching band took their half-time performances to a whole new level, re-creating a moonwalking Michael Jackson and a prowling T-rex that actually ate someone.

But how exactly does the band pull off these incredible shows game in and game out? Well, apparently there's an app for that.

Earlier this year, NBC's "Today" show ran a segment on the inner workings of the band and discovered that everything, from the timing of the marchers to their exact positions on the field, are plotted by a specially designed app.

The band's squad leaders and directors use iPads to instruct their squadlings while out on the field, because using technology is apparently much more efficient than actually having members memorize the details of their weekly performances.

"It's been a really tremendous opportunity to use technology in what is really an old medium, and that's the marching band," director Jonathan Waters told Today.

There you have it: the mystery behind the best damn band in the land boils down to a tablet.

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