State Representative Wants Ohio to Have Stronger Beer


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Beer - it's good for the soul and the economy. But, it could be even better for Ohio's economy.

State representative Dan Ramos of Lorain is pushing a bill that would permit a raise in the alcohol content from 12 percent to 21 percent.

Under current regulations, consumers looking to purchase beer with an alcohol content over 12 percent have to travel out of state. In a statement to, Ramos said, "It is time Ohio abandons unnecessary regulations that put us at a competitive disadvantage with other states and do whatever we can to encourage the further growth of these businesses,” Ramos said. (Huzzah, we say.)

We all know that Cleveland's a brewing mecca, with three breweries on West 25th Street, and three more being built or in the works. Having looser restrictions would give breweries more creative freedom when designing and making their beers. This leads to growth, which leads to jobs, a boost in the local economy, yadayadayada. As well as more potent brews for quaffing. Everyone wins.

Sure, there could be drawbacks. Debbie Rodriguez, CEO of Recovery Resources based in Cleveland, makes the case that drinking and driving could become even more dangerous. (That's some boilerplate object that isn't really backed up). Adults who are used to having a beer or two and then getting behind the wheel, still within legal limits, may not realize that they've consumed way more alcohol than they are used to, she thinks.. Rodriguez says that "because they were always able to drive safely with two or three beers, they are going to expect the same result." (That's some future projecting that isn't really an argument against the bill.)

We stand with Ramos.


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