Christmas Day Fight Over Apple Fritters Sends One Sister to Hospital, Another to Jail


  • Photo via Instagram

There's nothing new about family arguments around the holidays, but this year two Akron sisters took petty bickering to a whole new level, all because of apple fritters. Yes, you read that correctly. apple fritters.

Apparently, the two sisters were "play fighting" over the fried pastries on Christmas night when things got heated. One of the sisters, Tamara D. Delaney, pulled the hair of the other sister, Contisha Q. Hayes. Well, Hayes couldn't let that offense stand, so she pulled out a knife and stabbed Delaney in the chest. Seems like a fair response. Merry Christmas, sister! 

Delaney was taken to Akron City Hospital around 11:30 p.m. for non life-threatening injuries, according to Hayes was booked and charged with felonious assault.

Next year, dessert will not be served at the family celebration.

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