Krewella Never Made it to St. Louis on New Year's Eve




Due to inclement weather, Krewella got stuck in Cleveland on New Year's Ever and never made it to St. Louis for their late-night show.

Bummer for the St. Louis folks who'd shelled out major dough for VIP tickets.

Scene got some heat from the folks over at TRU Events when we pointed out, in a November 21 blog post, that Krewella was double-booked on New Year's Eve. We initially reported that the electronic dance group would be playing a short 45-minute set and would then fly by private jet to St. Louis for a 1:30 a.m. performance.

TRU Events later corrected the information — Krewella was scheduled to play a full 90-minute set.

They went on at 10:20 p.m., via the band's Twitter feed, but never made it off the Cleveland runway afterwards. Krewella was also seen performing in Las Vegas for the FOX New Year's Eve show hosted by Mario Lopez. Though the festivities purported to be live, the Krewella performance was reportedly taped nearly a week prior to airing.

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