Ranked: Cleveland Named One of the Most Beautiful Snow Covered Cities in the World



  • Photo via Instagram User sandracorcuera

The annual whompings of lake effect snow have long given Cleveland a bad rap, but there are some folks who think our snow-capped city is rather lovely.

The travel site Globe Traveling recently published their list of Most Beautiful Snowy Cities in the World and little old Cleveland, OH rolled in at number 7.

Here's their write-up:

Cleveland in Ohio is one of the snowiest cities in America with more than 252 centimetres of snow expected over the year. That is a combination of the same Lake Effect snow that Syracuse experiences and also having a humid continental climate. Most of the snow falls in the eastern region known as the Snow Belt. The West Side has only exceeded 250 centimetres of snow in a season three times over the last 40 years.

So, as Cleveland continues to get pummeled today and our roadways dissolve into snowy chaos, give pause, and enjoy the beauty of the season.

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