No Pants Subway Ride Returns to Cleveland Tomorrow


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If you were wondering what it's like to ride public transportation in your bedroom-best, wonder no more.

Tomorrow, dozens of Clevelanders will participate in the 2014 No Pants Cleveland Subway Ride to spread a little harmless chaos and joy.

At 1:00 p.m., folks will gather at the W. 25 Street rapid station (Cleveland doesn't have a subway, the event just borrows a national name) for ground rules and instructions, before promptly removing their pants and boarding the Red Line.

The idea, for participants, is to act like nothing is out of the ordinary and to let the spectacle play out on the faces of the unassuming riders.

“This is not a naked day. [This is not a] no rules day or strive for public indecency day! The rules are clear: it’s just a typical ride except for one detail: and that would be the pantslessnesss," David Smithson, NoPantsCLE founder, said.

In fact, dressing for the weather is encourage, he said. Hats, mittens, and oversized coats will make the scene all the more ridiculous.

So shake off your fear of public humiliation and leave your pants at home, and join the half-naked shenanigans tomorrow afternoon.


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