Red Light Traffic Enforcement Cameras Are Coming to Cleveland in February




If you haven't yet received one of those miserable, godforsaken tickets clocking you in at a brisk 46 mph as you— ahem— keep up with traffic at rush hour on Carnegie, then count your lucky stars (or pat yourself on the back for following speed limits).

But as of Feb. 6, 2014, your chances of being ticketed for traffic violations in Cleveland will increase.

Cleveland's Department of Public Safety announced this week that five new red light traffic cameras are to be installed and working by the beginning of next month (red light cameras are used to capture images of vehicles that have entered an intersection after a traffic light has turned red).

That's on top of the 16 Portable Camera Units and 49 fixed units that currently plague our city's streets.

The good news is the locations of the red light units have already been announced, so you can start practicing your slow and steady stops for the remainder of the month.

We're left wondering, however, what kind of retaliation this new bout of installations will provoke. If you recall, one of the portable units was set on fire by a frustrated motorist earlier this winter.

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