Fox 8 Writes Touching Obituary for Blackie, Cleveland Zoo's Oldest Hippo



Blackie the hippo passed away on Monday. He was 59.
  • Blackie the hippo passed away on Monday. He was 59.

Fox 8's Jessica Dabrowski has penned a humble and heartwarming commemoration of the life and legacy of North America's oldest hippo, Blackie, who, until yesterday, took up residence at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

In the obituary, Dabrowski writes of Blackie's arrival to Cleveland in 1959, of his three hippo kids, and of his days spent lounging in a special heated pool.

You can read the entire obituary below.

The animal kingdom has lost a record-setting hippo that lived in Cleveland.
The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo announced the oldest Nile hippopotamus in North America was euthanized Monday because of age-related ailments.

Blackie was estimated to be about 59 years old when he died.

That’s a long life considering most hippos live between 30-40 years in the wild, and sometimes a few years longer in captivity.

Blackie made Cleveland his home beginning in 1955 and generation after generation watched him grow.

He lived his final years in a special heated pool that was created just for him in 2008, where he floated around and ate lots of produce.

Blackie leaves behind three male hippos he sired.

RIP, Blackie.

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