Davone Bess Arrested in Fort Lauderdale



Besss Mugshot
  • Bess's Mugshot

CBS Miami is reporting that Browns' wide receiver Davone Bess — he of the weedstagrams — was arrested for assaulting a police officer-slash-firefighter early this morning. Bess was reportedly taken into custody by police at Fort Lauderdale's Airport around 6 a.m.

This is now the latest in a series of incidents indicating demonstrably that something's not quite right with Bess mentally or emotionally. Near the end of the season, the PD reported that Bess was dealing with "a serious family issue" in Oakland. He wasn't even suited up for the final two games due to personal reasons, and had been playing poorly prior to his absence. He'd notched a league-wide 14 drops.

Yesterday, Deadspin reported that Bess had posted yet another photo of marijuana.

It's unknown why Bess was in Fort Lauderdale, but he did start his career as a Miami Dolphin before being traded to the Browns before the current season.

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