Would a Bike-Share Program Thrive in Cleveland?



Cleveland may pursue a network similar to New Yorks Citibike.
  • Cleveland may pursue a network similar to New York's Citibike.
With news that City Council is endeavoring to add dozens of miles of bikeways to Cleveland's streets, many are wondering how well a bike-share program would work here.

The city's Bike Share Task Force is planning the specifics (locations, rates, safety measures), based off of a feasibility study that shows demand in various Cleveland neighborhoods. Ohio City, Tremont and University Circle have been named in past meetings as likely hubs.

The idea would revolve around short recreational trips and general transportation (for work or school).

Drop a comment below and share your thoughts on what a bike-share program might look like here in Cleveland. Are there specific factors in the city that must be considered (compared to, say, New York City or Chicago)?

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