This Ohio Woman is in Charge of Deciding Which Wilson Footballs Make it to the Super Bowl




Meet Pam Clark, the one person in charge of deciding which footballs make it to the field for the Super Bowl each year, and which ones end up on collector's shelves.

That's a pretty big job, and one that this Ada, OH woman doesn't take lightly. " I like to be perfect," she recently told the folks over at 19 Action News. "Inspect like they're supposed to be."

She's been working this gig for over 35 years and has inspected hundreds of footballs for inconsistencies in stitching, stuffing, and weight, which can be tedious considering all the professional footballs are handmade.

"People are amazed when they come here, how all the things go into making a football," Clark said of the Wilson Football Factory— Think 150 people working together to churn out 4,000 footballs each day, all of which have to go through the ultimate defensive line: Clark.

"I want to make sure all the teams that get the ball get the best. I take a lot of pride in it," she said.

For more on Clark, head on over to 19 Action News.

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