Clever Cleveland Junkyard Worker Uses Forklift to Foil Thief's Getaway


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A junkyard thief was thwarted earlier this week after a savvy employee used a forklift to raise the rear end of his getaway vehicle into the air while police were summoned.


According to, here's how it all went down:

On Wednesday afternoon an employee at McMahan's Wrecking on Cleveland's West Side said he spotted a suspected thief enter the junkyard in a known stolen vehicle.

“I had been looking for this guy for weeks,” owner Donnie McMahan told “The police always come by to let us know who to be on the lookout for.”

As soon as McMahan spotted the suspect from his office window, he phoned the police, then went outside to stall the man.

The suspect freaked and looked like he was going to drive off, so McMahan told an employee to hoist the vehicle's back end off the ground with a forklift.

“The wheels were just spinning away,” McMahan said. “[The suspect] looked a little surprised. He wasn’t going anywhere.”

Police arrived to the scene and the man was arrested on several charges, including stupidity and poor planning.


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