Lake Erie is 95 Percent Frozen Over


Photo via Cierra Smith, Instagram
  • Photo via Cierra Smith, Instagram

95 percent of Lake Erie is frozen over. That's the largest percentage since 1996 when the lake was completely frozen over.

It's also currently the largest percentage of any of the Great Lakes.


When looking at individual lakes, just over 92 percent of Lake Superior, just under 88 percent of Lake Huron, almost 95 percent of Lake Erie, and around 53 percent of Lake Michigan is ice covered. Much deeper Lake Ontario is only about 29 percent of ice covered.

Granted, Lake Erie is the smallest and most shallow of all the Great Lakes.

Still, brr.

Additionally, the ice coverage between all of the Great Lakes combined is the largest we've seen this century, totaling a wild 78.7 percent.

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